mardi 17 novembre 2009

SCHÜCO, ... GAME OVER ... I won't ever go for Schüco's windows anymore!

Most windows of my own house are Schüco made.
These days a window has been deteriorated.
I then discovered that the Company that had done the job for me went bankrupt (may be that what follows is the cause?!)

I then went on Internet to look for the names and addresses of the Schüco Resellers in my neighborhood.

And very surprisingly I found NOTHING … NO WAY!
You can not display a list of resellers in your area … NO WAY!

- You must start by giving them complete information about your address, phone number, and so on. And then SCHÜCO will choose for you the reseller with whom you are entitled to work with.

YES you got it RIGHT, SCHÜCO chooses ONE and ONLY ONE reseller for you and you MUST be happy!

- If as I did you doubt you may phone 0 825 09 09 02 (0,15 € /mn) at your expenses and you will get the very identical answer : “ We choose for you and if you disagree it is your problem!”

It is an IT procedure … No Way to change whatsoever!

Isn't it wonderful and easy to stop any competition?!
Isn't it the best way to maximize profits?!

This is yet not very positive for the consumer but figure out how tricky it can be for the reseller: Schüco chooses its resellers, they decide the amount of business you are entitled to do, if you get too much business Schüco will find a competitor for you and if you are not happy they will just stop giving you any sort of business.

By the way do you call this business?!

More … I received today the corporate letter with the mandatory reseller with whom I should be happy to work with … and … can you imagine this?

- A letter plus a whole brochure with not even one name, not an address, not a phone number, not a contact whatsoever!!! Just the web URL where you won't find more.

NO WAY for the slightest QUALITY CONTROL procedure!
But without Quality Certification and Control … NO WAY for CONFIDENCE!


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